The Temporary Transit offer in Europe dedicated to China

Car2Europe TT

Car2Europe temporary transit,
A real alternative to car rental

Very similar to car rental in Europe, it enables you to benefit from a new vehicle during your stay on the continent for a period of between 21 and 175 days[b/] (6 months).

By choosing to book a Temporary Transit (TT) car, you can now organise your tailor-made stay in Europe and pick-up your car in thecity of your choice (29 delivery and return centres throughout Europe).

The guarantee of a successful trip and the optimal automobile solution* for your holiday: this is the dual undertaking that the Car2Europe services offer you as an alternative to long term vehicle rental[b/].

Enjoy all the advantages of temporary transit


without deductible


24-hour assistance,
7 days a week

Car2Europe temporary transit,
A tax free and highly economical package
without additional charges.

Car2europe does everything to simplify the organisation of your trip to Europe and offers you an all-inclusive package, without any extra charge.
Our TT car booking formula, available only to non-residents of the European Union, offers you many advantages.

As part of this temporary transit package, Car2Europe also offers a wide range of accessories for each model.

During your stay, car2europe offers you the opportunity to buy the vehicle outright under highly advantageous terms, or to let your loved ones benefit from this offer!